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Formed To Meet Needs For Plant Growth Promoters & Agriculture Insecticides.
About Us

Crop improvement is an activity that has to be undertaken no matter the situation. Every farmer or organic producer of grains and food crops is now and then complaining about inadequate resources for amelioration of soil or crop conditions. To stop this situation in becoming more worse, right measures need to be taken. With an intent to halt emerging problems in this line of business operation, we, Antik Fertilizers & Chemicals, have introduced our business. Our primal focus is on supporting our industry persons who are engaged in organic farming, gardening, plantation and crop harvesting. 

We are using secured and natural measures for enhancing our customers farming and plantation needs. Our manufacturer and supplier based firm has a specialized facility for carrying out organic manufacturing process to come up with the most effective array of products for buyer usage. 

We implement revised quality checks throughout business operations for delivering high-quality products to our industry buyers. Our portfolio boasting high strength and performance is preferred on all sizes and widths of lands. We maintain exclusive array of qualitative solutions including Brazeen Bio Insecticide and Larvicide, Coppola Plant Growth Promoter, Keeter Bio Insecticide, etc., for completing market requirements better than competitors. 

Adding Wings To Businesses

We are not self boastful but our positive working approach makes customers boastful about us. We are supporting small to medium entities involved in farming, crop harvesting, plantation and more such activities by providing result-oriented products. Using our products, help these customers in organically maintaining soil and crops, increasing plants growth and improving quality of crops. This positive effect of our manufactured range assists customers in conducting their harvesting and plantation activities in an excellent manner so as to meet demands and standards of their business. They are able to serve customers with the best of end solutions due to effective usage of our products. 

Why Us?

  • We deal with integrity and patience with all our valued customers.
  • We maintain a huge range of products like Brazeen Bio Insecticide and Larvicide for serving buyers.
  • We preserve offered produce in diverse packs for meeting separate requirements of all customers.
  • We offer timely and safe transportation of our organic and premium products.
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